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Be found in your local market

The internet is a hugely competitive place these days, and if you are serious about efficiently getting quality traffic that translates to sales, then you need to pay closer attention to local SEO. It is not smart to attempt to target a broad audience thus competing with established brands especially on meagre resources.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

There are many out there hitting search engines daily eager to find you. And that is where our Local SEO service kicks in.
If you run a small to medium sized businesses and want better exposure online for your target audience, whether you’re a local store owner, a plumber, HVAC specialist, you run an online shop, or a local veterinarian and struggling to get traffic (or quality traffic that converts) to your website then you’ll find proven solutions here at SEO Guru.

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Local SEO Singapore - Our Solution for small to medium business owners

Perhaps you just recently had a website designed for your online or offline business ready to tap into the massive opportunities that the World Wide Web presents in today’s society. Who can blame you? After all everyone is going online for answers and solutions to their problems.

Market surveys shows that almost 46% of the searches on mobile and web are for local businesses. If your business is thriving for local digital presence then it is important that your business tops the local web search engine and Google rankings. Visitors choose the top five links appearing on the google listings as the most trusted and relevant to their search.

If you are not available in the top local search ranking then you are already losing major chunk of business to your competitors. Optimizing your business website for local search engine simply means that you are just a phone call away from your customers and creating an edge over the competitors.

Reliable local SEO in Singapore

When people think of Local SEO, there are two schools of thought. First off, an SEO service provider that is local, i.e. in the same town, or city because to want face to face meetings or someone who understands the local business environment.

 Secondly, an SEO services that specialise in getting “localized” results in the search engines i.e. if you are a Plumber in Singapore you want your SEO specialist to help you drive local traffic from potential customers in Singapore to your website.

 Thankfully at SEO Guru can deliver on both counts – we can offer Local Services to businesses throughout Singapore. As a Singapore based business, we understand the diverse business community and its challenges.

Advantages of a Local SEO service near you in Singapore

Save Money

Without compromising quality, SEO Guru allows you the opportunity to save more money. We don’t just sit back and earn our reputation as one of the “best SEO agency in Singapore” we’ve worked hard to gain the trust and confidence of our clients through affordable SEO Services that work, and we intend to keep it so – we won’t slack on your task.

Value Packed Services

Our success is tied to the type of feedback we get from clients like you in a given area when we do local SEO. Because we would love to see our businesses do well, we always strive to do more – go the extra mile, spend more hours, and add a little bit of extra value-packed personal touches which means more benefit for you without paying extra.

Personalized Services

You can always walk into our office and have a face to face interaction with our SEO consultants here in Singapore. This is of great! You never have to struggle to schedule an appointment, you can invite our SEO experts to your business for appraisal, going over your SEO strategy becomes a breeze and by discovering how things work from the inside, it improves the overall success of your efforts tremendously.

Tailor Made Strategy

At SEO Guru we understand all business are unique and their goal is to stand out from their competitors. That’s why when it comes to local SEO services we create tailor made strategy that comply with our client business needs.

Local Keyword Analysis

Finding the right keywords for your business for your local market area is crucial. We do in-depth analysis your local market niche and provide you list of profitable keywords that will drive more targeted traffic to your doorstep.

Create Google Local Page

To rank for Local keywords business must be registered and verified on Google My Business. We work on your behalf and create a business page which looks attractive and informative. We also help you in verifying your business in Google.

Optimize Google Local Page

Once Google Local Page is verified we will optimize it properly by writing well optimized page title, insert brief business description, adding operating hours, adding business images, proper schema implementation, etc.

On-Page Optimization

To rank for Local keywords business must be registered and verified on Google My Business. We work on your behalf and create a business page which looks informative. We also help you in verifying your business in Google.

Local Citation

Generating valuable links from local authority directory give boost in local keyword ranking. We will make sure right NAP (Name-Address-Phone) is used and also we will audit existing listing of your business and update it with right information.

How we work?

We believe in tailor made Local SEO strategy than delivering the same set of solution for all the clients. We identify the local competition for your business, targeted audiences, markets & territories, competitor’s presence across different platforms, amount of content published weekly and much more before defining the strategy for your business. Based on the complete analysis of the various reports we come up with a tailor made Local SEO strategy for your business. By choosing us you get:

seo services singapore

Unique Local SEO Strategy for Your Business

Using the right techniques and set of tools for enhancing the local presence for your business is more important to get the best results. Strong knowledge and experience of customized approach and strategic methods to gain maximum visibility of local business is a must. The techniques and platforms used for global presence cannot be used for the local search engine optimization.
Before defining the local SEO strategy there are several reports and analysis which needs to be checked to identify the current trends in the market, competitor analysis, gap analysis and much more. SEO Agency based out of Singapore has strong knowledge and experience in offering strategically local SEO service for your business.

How local SEO will benefit you

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that owning a website does not necessarily translates into awesome online presence for businesses. An extra step is required to reach “targeted customers.” 

seo services singapore
seo services singapore

At SEO Guru we help clients achieve that extra step seamlessly which allows them to maximize the benefits of SEO even for the small town business.

Benefits of Local SEO for your business include:

Through local SEO, your brand becomes more visible to potential customers that are living near you. It is proven that when your brand is continuously shown to people, it enhances its appeal and improves brand recognition which can be a big factor when a customer wants to make a purchase down the line.

By ranking your website in local Search engine results, we will help you attract customers that are comfortable in doing business with you. This group of customers is of high quality because factors like additional cost of transportation, middlemen, and other hassle is eliminated. So looking for new customers? Let us help you rank your website for your local area.

A top SEO agency in Singapore can help you position your website on the first page. With local SEO, ranking is relatively easier, and at SEO Guru, your chances of securing a top 3 position that attracts about 60% of clicks on Google according to Search Engine Watch is greatly increased. This means 60% more traffic to your site which in turn translates into increased number of would be buyers of your business or service.

With a cheap SEO price for local SEO services in Singapore, SEO Guru, gives you an opportunity to tremendously boost your revenue – which is often higher than what you invested many times over.

Looking to rank your website to the number one spot fast? Local SEO might be the more feasible option since it is on a smaller scope where competition is often lesser than say a national SEO effort. Ranking for keywords like “SEO services Singapore” will be easier than a general search term like “SEO services”

Give Your Business The Edge it Needs to Thrive

Local SEO services specialise in optimising websites for Local Search, ensuring the traffic that our clients receive is targeted and relevant to their business location (which can be a specific location in Singapore).
Our Local SEO services are especially effective for traditional “brick and mortar” businesses or local service industry businesses like shops, dry cleaners, plumbers, cleaning companies and so on.
If you want more leads, more calls, and more website visitors, there are masses of opportunities on the web. And we are here to ensure you unlock them.

And the Great Part

You don’t even need a website to benefit from Local SEO traffic. If you can’t be bothered with a website, hosting, design, website content, website security, maintaining it and all that hassle, do not worry. We can offer alternative innovative ways of getting business leads and new customers from localised internet traffic.


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