Unlock the full Potential of Your Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember the good old days of the Internet back in the mid-nineties? In those early beginnings, the internet was easy to despise – it required a great deal of convincing that the Internet wasn’t some kind strange, almost uncomfortable experiment.

Fast forward to today and things are different. Internet is basically life. And every business owner worth taking seriously is online or heading online – marking their territory on the digital landscape with their website.

Of course we’ve come a long way from what website designs looked like or to what end they were built. Designs were clunky, the interface repulsive, and in most cases it was more of a contest on how to leave out the most the most important part of the equation – website visitors. It was that terrible and unfortunately you can still find remnants of websites of such ilk floating around the internet today – albeit few, gladly.

What’s changed?

A paradigm shift that build functionality and design around visitors based on the realization that a website is a potent marketing tool and not the IT department’s pet project.

Then there is Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short.

Search engine optimization has become increasingly popular and relevant. Without doubt, it has carved a reputation for being the fundamental element to the effective marketing of any website. This is buttressed by the fact that most popular websites that gross high return on investment are those built for people and search engine robots. Both, not leaving one instead of the other if your website must maximize its full potential. And when you consider the investment that has gone into getting your own website and the potential it can fulfil, it’s vital you read on.

This brings us to…

How SEO can help your website today

SEO involves a combination of activities implemented to improve your website with the aim of making it rank high on Search Engine Result Pages whenever an internet user enters a search term into the search engine.

Therein lies the advantage of SEO and its benefit to your website. These benefits include: 

Improved readability

In fact, the value of good website content and structure cannot be over-emphasised. Well written, informative text angled specifically at your target audience will make all the difference to effective rankings whatever any SEO company promises.

Well written and structured websites are simply easier to optimize. Forward thinking companies will include any of the best search engine optimization company in Singapore from the start to advice on page names and links to compliment and best exploit good content.

Quite apart from keywords and phrases that will form the framework of initial optimisation, relevant content, and plenty of it, accelerates the optimisation process as the search engine spiders are able to visit and list far more relevant phrases in their indexes.

Enhanced visibility

Research shows that search engines are still one of the most popular ways of finding a website for the first time, but how many searches end in frustration and disappointment? Shouldn’t they have found your website first?

One of the old mantras which is still very apt goes along the lines of ‘what’s the point of having that fabulous website if nobody can find it? But the reality is that many sites still fall down badly on content and navigation. Luckily good SEO activities centre around fixing and optimizing these areas which in turn will improve the visibility of your website.

Improved speed

When you have a professional SEO expert in Singapore work on your website, one of the off shoots is improved loading time. Your website becomes agile and fast – no endless wait for a page to come up. With short attention span and increasing impatience amongst users today, the speed of your website is a very crucial factor if you really want to get the most from your investment in a website. Most search engines consider your site’s speed in their ranking factors, which means a competent SEO specialist while carrying out search engine optimization processes for your website would also optimize your site for speed in process.

Mobile friendliness

Most internet users use mobile devices. And with mobile smart devices becoming readily available and affordable, this trend will continue into the future. What does this mean for your website? Simply put: if it is not mobile friendly, visitors to your site won’t hesitate to tap the “back” button… and likely never come back.  That’s not something you want as it will ultimately spell doom for your objectives.

With SEO, your website will be optimized for mobile view thus allowing enjoying visits from mobile users. 

Better user experience

The last thing you want is a visitor who is lost when on your website. There are lots of factors that can cause this: poor graphic elements, poor choice of colour, over elaborate web design, and so on. With SEO, we aim to improve the usability, accessibility, and desirability of your website because these qualities add up to reduce your site’s bounce rate and also improve the time spent on site which are some factors that help the ranking of your website. In the end, it’s a win for the user and win for you the owner of the website.

SEO helps your website make more sales and conversion

Let’s not beat around the bush: you own a website because you want to achieve an objective – for most, they want to generate revenue. Search engine optimization can help you achieve that. A well optimized website in its basic will attract large volumes of targeted traffic, ensure those visitors remain on your site, and finally cause or encourage to do your bidding which may include: buying, sign-ups, subscription, contact and so on. In the end, you achieve your aim, and you generate revenue. Plus if you consider that SEO is cost efficient, allow you to generate traffic 24- hours for years, and requires no direct cost for acquiring visitor among others, you’ll agree that a having a SEO website is not only a no-brainer but a must if you’re serious about making it online.

Final thought- SEO and your website

We’ve come a long way from those early days, where the website was only treated as a tag along. Unfortunately many business owners and individuals might never get full value from their websites due to poor site ranking decisions until they take a step back and see what a reputable seo company can do for them. And the good news is: cheap seo services in Singapore abound that offers outstanding results – you just have to look in the direction of the best SEO Agency Singapore has got.