Many businesses don’t think about reputation management until a crisis has actually occurred. Waiting until your business is swamped with bad publicity is simply too late for effective management of your online reputation. Every business needs an online reputation management plan and they need one as soon as humanly possible.

In today’s fiercely contested business environments, if you’ve not considered SEO together with your Reputation Management, you’re likely sitting on a ticking business shattering time bomb. It is therefore wise to find one of the best SEO agencies in Singapore that can provide the needed advice and guide you need to ace this strategy. Not just any SEO expert in Singapore can pull this off, that’s why we recommend the SEO consultants at SEO Guru.

So what’s all the fuss about?

In case you’re in denial, the internet is massive, and with that comes advantages and disadvantages for business and brand owners or managers. 

Picture this: you woke up one morning only to discover a bad review for your product or services – worryingly, a bad publicity can turn up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) from almost anywhere at a moment’s notice. 

Because of the size and nature of the internet this can easily go viral putting your business in a tricky spot. No matter how you cut it, it translates to bad business.

Since no business can monitor the entire net. Even Google has to take internet crawling in stages. An effective internet reputation management strategy combined with SEO will define prime areas to monitor, and set out coping strategies for each one and take tdavantage of the opportunity each has to offer.

How you can use SEO and reputation management:

Using legal techniques 

As with any sector of life, there are rules and methods that are frowned against in Search engine optimization. Breaking any of these guidelines will bring bad publicity to your business. Therefore what’s your best bet? Working only with a SEO company in the Singapore market place that insist on ethical, relevant, and approved SEO methodologies will protect you from pitfalls.

Regular news channels

These are still the first stop for most people when it comes to news, no matter what the industry. Most businesses still consider regular news channels their main reputation threats, as well. Keep an eye on the news, and engage news agencies with the occasional Press Release as part of your regular reputation management. This can help you to develop a relationship with journalists, which is helpful when bad news breaks

Review sites and industry forums

Online reviews are increasingly important to online business, as they seem to be replacing old-fashioned word-of-mouth. A bad review posted by a disgruntled customer can actually cause a great deal of damage than a big news report. For this reason, you need to be monitor review sites that are relevant to your industry constantly.

Influential blogs and websites

There’s not much you can do to influence the opinion of prominent industry bloggers, so don’t sweat it when one or two throw some bad publicity your way. However, developing a relationship with them is a good way to prevent them from treating you unfairly. It is therefore not uncommon for many companies to approach influential bloggers as a means of gaining inbound links, audience and developing a cordial working relationship. By trusting a well grounded SEO specialist in Singapore that can reach out to building relationships and not just links with these bloggers and other web masters you’ll likely have them give you a heads-up before any bad publicity comes your way which will go a long way in preparing you for whatever drama that might arise.

Accurate keywords

A SEO service should enhance your reputation management by ensuring that the keywords you target are accurate – spelt correctly and appropriate in terms of context, culture and usage. This might sound flimsy, but while many have learn the hard way, a slight error in your keywords can attract entirely “useless” traffic” that won’t provide any benefit but can sometimes result in online bashing which in the very least is an unfortunate incidence that can be avoidable with a reputable search engine optimization service in Singapore

Social media sites

Social media networks are the social centres of the net – it where the tribe hangout, share, share, like, and follow. Just as the general public will gossip and spread word about your business in real life, the social media networks are usually the source of gossip spread on the net. The difference is; gossip on the social media networks will spread far more efficiently and faster. Monitoring these networks regularly is an absolute must to ensure your online reputation remains tiptop.

SEO Guru – A SEO agency that can enhance your online reputation

Contrary to widely held opinion that search engine optimization is about placing keywords in your website and therefore professionals are not required to get the desired result. Wrong!

Of a truth, SEO, reputation management and a host of digital solutions work together to enhance the efficacy of the overall result without letting one aspect of your brand suffer. It is for this reason that the combination and use of SEO and online management together is gaining grounds. Indeed there is an obvious relationship between the two as highlighted in the points above – they both work to protect your business’ reputation and ensure a favourable bottom line for your business. 

It is therefore you don’t neglect one for the other when planning your strategies. 

At SEO Guru, we believe the best kind of online reputation management is pre-emptive, rather than reactive. The absolute optimum way to manage your online reputation is to work reputation management into your main SEO plan. By including this element in your SEO, you can pre-emptively take control of the top ten search engine spots for your brand Keywords, enabling you to nip any bad news in the bud.