Longevity of traditional marketing campaigns such as press advertising is well known, but what about the web, and in particular search engine marketing?

If ever there was a medium that champions instant results, then surely nothing comes close to the web. Everything about it is here and now – click here for instant results, get rich quick, satisfaction guaranteed and so on.

It’s time to slow down

Most people have seen beyond the “Guaranteed number one spot” and “Manual link building to 1000 high domain website” approach, but as search engine optimisation (SEO) becomes more popular, more marketing managers are seeing the benefits long term search engine optimization strategy.

Exciting as they are, the early days of a search engine optimisation campaign are all about establishing site popularity and effective rankings. It’s a time consuming and laborious process of hand submitting sites to the top search engines through to researching, contacting and securing reciprocal links from relevant websites. Due to the low cost of the service and the steady increase in visits, very often the return on investment is relatively high and seeing a ROI of several hundred per cent is by no means unusual over the first few months of the campaign.

And so eleven or twelve months down the line, isn’t the job done? Surely there isn’t much more than can be tweaked or adjusted to achieve better rankings…is there? You might ask.

Well, think of effective search engine optimization as the marketing discipline that it is and you’ll appreciate that stage one of the campaign is barely over; and in the same way that a sound marketing manager knows about the value in building awareness, you’ll negate all the investment made to date if you pull the plug on your SEO campaign at any point in time. The regular search engine updates and the constant tweaking and efforts from your competitors means resting your oars would be detrimental.

Think about it. After a while, you will have discovered which keywords and phrases work and more to the point, which don’t. Continuing your search engine optimization drives therefore makes so much sense – now is the time to research more and resubmit to leverage the success of keywords that are doing well and your improved rankings status that you’ve achieved to date.

As you are able to track visits to your websites, an ongoing search engine optimization campaign will influence your website evolution. This insight will help you in refining where visitors go and what impedes them making that conversion to sales or contacting you. You won’t gain this insight on a short time basis considering the fact that some user behaviour are seasonal and affected by news trends so it pays to test and evaluate over a long period to guarantee you success.

A mature SEO campaign will see visitors arriving from different places and to different pages in your site and not necessarily the home page. Longer SEO campaigns – such as two or three year old search engine optimized website makes it easier  to spot gaps in the buying process that may result in a new landing page or tweak to the existing one that are built to answer specific visitor enquiries and speed up the conversion process.

And there is content to think about as well. As days turn into weeks, and the months into that initial campaign our experience shows that the visible page text becomes critical in the search terms used to find your website. Although you started with a list of a handful of keywords and phrases, analysis will show that the search net has broadened enormously. A mature websites can be found from enquirers using over 3000 keywords and phrases. It is therefore not uncommon for a well SEO’ed website to consistently receive well over 50% of their monthly enquiries from the top search engines. When evaluating the source of business leads, ending search engine optimisation after a short while then doesn’t seem such a good idea.

Like any marketing campaign, effective management is mission critical to success. But search engines are always changing. Constant changes in algorithms, or those new elusive rules they employ that mean the difference between first and second page ranking, are constantly changing. To date, Google has been through at least eight updates which has seen previously well placed sites being toppled overnight from their top positions with seemingly no explanation.

Not only that, but as organic search becomes increasingly cut-throat with the big boys squaring up for a showdown, new deals and feeds are constantly being negotiated.

And this means you’ll need help or find yourself on the lower end of the food chain.

SEO Guru’s fully managed service sees the company monitoring and reacting to these changes on your behalf so that you don’t have to. How convenient! Of course no search engine marketing company can claim to have inside knowledge of the search engines rules but unlike everyday Search Engine Optimization companies in Singapore, SEO Guru is one of the very best SEO Agency Singapore can boast of that will react on your behalf without being instructed.


Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that consistency is the key to successful results, and search engine optimization is no exception. And shouldn’t.

In the end, effective Search Engine Optimization is a legitimate online marketing campaign with a high return on investment for businesses across Singapore that can be sustained and even increased into second and third year campaigns fuelled by popularity earned from the early days of optimisation. So don’t stop now, and if you’ve not started on SEO, start, don’t remain at a disadvantage.